Regie: Helena Bublak | 2024 | 7`

„Only when lying on our death bed we see them clearly, the lives we did not live.“

Simons life has been on a downward trajectory for years. The toxic relationship with his entrepreneur dad has pushed him into a quest for approval, a lifestyle of endless working hours and isolation from the people he once loved… until one day he inevitably crashes. Simon descends into Coma, where our journey begins. „If I could only go back… choose again.“

Stranded in his own mind, on the doorstep to afterlife, he has a choice to make: Face his past, the demons in his subconsciousness that made him go down this detrimental path, or leave this life forever. His journey to self discovery leads him to the darkest parts of his past, through trauma and repressed memories. But where others do not, Simon gets a second chance to reflect on the choices he made and to awake a new, reformed person.

„But what if there was a second chance?“

Generational trauma has made us easy prey for a system feasting on those searching for purpose. Lives are being wasted over the hollow thought of material possession or status as the key to happiness and fulfillment. By sending Simon to the cusp of the afterlife, he may serve as an inspiration to those watching. That it does not have to be too late, to choose who you want to be.

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